Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Home Theater (Sony DAV-DZ270K)
- 850 watts total power
- S-Master Digital Amplifier
- FM and AM Tuner with 30 Preset Stations
- Bravia Sync
- Bass Boast
- USB Connectivity
- Karaoke

The best way to enjoy these movies is for you to purchase a Home Theater System using either a DVD or Blu-ray disc format. Of course Blu-ray is the best for it offers 1080P high definition resolution but a DVD would suffice for the budget constraint geek. I use a not so expensive Sony Home Theatre System and a 29 inch Sony Wega television. I cant afford yet an LCD tv but the experience in watching at home is already astounding and earth shattering. However you must use only high quality dvd and not those pirated disc though I have seen some pirated DVDs which offer good resolution but these are only movies wherein the original DVD or Blu-ray of such movies have al;ready been released ( presumably the original DVD have been copied).

Pirated DVD and Blu-ray

Latest Top Box Office Movies of the Week (as of June 23, 2009)

1 The Proposal
2 The Hangover
3. Hangover
4, Year One
5. The Taking of Pelham 123
6. Night at the Museum 2
7. Star Trek
8. Land of the Lost
9. Imagine That
10. Terminator Salvation

Opening This Week

1. Transformer 2
2. My Sister's Keeper
3. Cheri
4. The Hurt Locker

Coming Soon Movies:

1. Ice Age 3
2. Public Enemies
3 I Hate Valentine's Day
4. Lion's Den
5. Bruno
4. Humpday
5. I Love You Beth Cooper

I have observed that digital effects plays a big part in movies. Todays big budget movies always includes digital effects. It makes it possible for movie makers to create any visual effects (dinosaurs, aliens, space ships, large scale warfare etc). Films like Terminator, Jurassic Park, The Day After Tomorow, Independence Day , Transformer etc, have all been made possible thru digital effects. I guess this has been pioneered by George Lucas"Industrial Light and Magic".

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