Monday, June 22, 2009


Some years ago, an HD capable TV would have cost astronomically but now its price has considerably dropped and a number of consumers are nw able to purchase one though I would say that the price of a quality HD TV are still quite beyond the reach of many and still purchase the old nad more affordable CRT TV. Of course these CRT TV have a limited resolution though improvements have been made in the past years, still owning a quality HD TV would be a dream come true to any movie buff. I emphasize "qualtiy" because there are lots of TV in the market which claims to be HD, most specifically LCD TV that have poor resolution or not deserving to be called HD TV. A High Definition television should at least be capable of handling 1 Megapixel or more. Full HD TV are 2 Megapixel televisions which can fully display a 1080p resolution.

Today, there are several kinds of HD TV namely, lcd, led and Plasma. Plasma still has an edge when it come to image sharpness, richness of its blackness and often times when it comes to price.

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