Monday, June 22, 2009


Some years ago, an HD capable television would have an astronomical price tag but now the price has considerably dropped and a number of consumers are now able to purchase one, though i have observed that still the price of qualtiy HD TV are still beyond the reach of many and a lot still purchase the old and affordable CRT TV. Of course these CRT TV have a limited resolution though improvements have also been made in the past, still owning a quality HD TV would be a dream come true to any movie buff or techie. I emphasize quality due to the fact that there are some tv manufacturers especially those brands that are not well known or "never heared" who claims that their TV are HD capable. But one can easily notice that these psuedo HD TV are not really HD TV. A High Definition Television should at least be capable of producing 1 Megapixel or more. Full HD TV are 2 MEGAPIXEL televisions which can fully display a 1080p resolution.

Today, there are several kinds of HD TV namely LCD, LED and PLASMA. Plasma still has an edge when it comes to image sharpness, richness of its blackness and often times when it comes to price which is pretty much lower. Sets which are below 40 inches are only available in LCD models but those 50 inches and above, plasma tends to be cheaper than LCD. Now manufacturers have introduced the LED television however this are actually LCD TV that used LED rather than flourescent lamps to light the screen. Depending on the type of LED configuration used, some LED lit LCD TV used a backlight array creating richer blacks than standard LCD TV almost the same level as that of the plasma. LED lit LCD TV are quite expensive.

Plasma HD TV have considerably improved conquering previous problems plauqing it and now it has an extended lifetime of 100,000 hours. Plasma have btter picture quality but LCD TV are catching up. LCD TV can now handle fast moving pictures by using 120HZ technology wherein the sets circuitry doubles the number of video frames smoothing out the motion. Some manufacturers like Sony have even introduced 240 HZ that quadruples the number of frames.

I have observed that the most popular kind of HD TV is the LCD TV. The vast majority of HD TV in the market are LCD TV. The LED lit LCD TV is really thin and much lighter and has a better picture quality

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