Tuesday, June 9, 2009

MSI Latest Graphics Card N28GTX HYDROGEN

Micro-star International released its latest N28GTX HydroGen graphics card series. It is equipped with the exclusive all copper Micro channel water cooling. This soulution provides the lowest operating temperature while staying calm, rarely seen high end solution for GTX285 powered graphic cards. In new high end graphic cards the overclocking is an important consideration. It uses an advanced high-efficiency cooling system so you will be able to squeeze the last bit of performance out of this card

The New PSP GO

Sony has revealed its new PSP GO. It is a next generation hand held gadget and it is half the size of the original PSP with an Ultra-Portable Design and Digital content Focus. The GO doesnt need the UMD. It has a new slide out controller and is equipped with a higher memory. It has Bluetooth capability and a built in wireless internet. sony also announced that all future PSP games will soon be available for digital downloads which means you no longer have to buy softwares on disc. Hot video games will soon be available like Resident Evil and Gran Turismo.

Actually some models of the PSP can actually be modified and its memory is expanded to 4GB to 8 GB to accomodate downloaded games. Thus one no longer needs to purchase an expensive UMD to be able play PSP games and you can have several games in just one memory stick. PSP GO could possibly be the solution of Sony to this sort of piracy of its PSP games for in PSP GO you would just have to download the games and would no longer need the UMD.

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