Sunday, June 14, 2009



Two days beore his wedding doug & his three friends drive to Las Vegas for a bachelor party they will never forget. When the three groomsmen wake up in the next morning, they can remember a thing. They found a tiger in the bathroom and 6 month old baby in the closet at the suite of their hotel. they cant find Doug with no clue at all as to what happened. they must figure out what happened and get Doug in time to walk the aisle

Genre : COMEDY
Starring : Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms,Zach Galifianakis and Heather Graham


Disney/Pixar presents UP. A story of Carl Frederciksen is an old man about 80 years old and a a former balloon salesman. He is tired of life and his true love has passed away, leaving him alone and shut away from the world. then developers suddenly try to push him away from his home. He then launches his house high up into the air using thousands of balloons and sets of to South America to fulfill a promise to her late wife. What he had not bargain was for the eight year old chatter box who happened to be stuck on his porch when he lifted

Genre: Animation Comedy

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